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19-12-2005: The bulky book "Die onze kracht ontwaken deed." has been added in the overview with S.D.A.P.-books.
22-11-2005: The book "Troelstra in de karikatuur" has been added in the overview with S.D.A.P.-books. Een electrische klok
15-11-2005: Geschiedenis van Noord-Nederland [4e deel] by Mr. J. van Lennep
16-07-2005: Overview with a few S.D.A.P.-books
21-03-2005: Articles from "De Natuur" of 1884, 1885 en 1889 added.
14-03-2004: Words of thanks [from April 1999] added.
14-02-2004: More information genealogy Houweling.
27-01-2004: On the "History" page, Historische prenten, "Bruisend Rotterdam" added.
25-10-2003: Parts of the almanac "Voor Hart en Huis", 1918.
25-10-2003: Parts of the almanac "Weezen-almanak", 1882.
06-10-2003: An article about a trip with the "Rembrandt" in 1898.
08/09-2003: 19 pages with photo's of our kittens.
29-07-2003: Clouds pictures added in section 'Cloud Chaser'.
12-06-2003: More photo's on page Houweling [3].
13-04-2003: The book "Jean Dominique Larrey", a biography by Dr. V.M.W. Winters
21-03-2003: Some new info on the page of the family Houweling - Dutch [3].
23-02-2003: The book "De torens vertelden mij" of Jan. W. Kesler
17-02-2003: Scheepspraet
16-01-2003: Photo albums Haarlemmermeer and Army WW-I.
09-01-2003: More information genealogy Van Maaren.
31-12-2002: Changes in the genealogy Van der Burg.
29-12-2002: More information genealogy Houweling.
28-12-2002: Family albums Speijers and Bijl.
23-12-2002: More information on the pages genealogy Houweling.
03-12-2002: The Nautical Telegraph Code and Postal Guide.
19-11-2002: The data of the familie Houweling has changed.
19-11-2002: The page with family announcements has changed.
22-09-2002: 22 New postcards
24-08-2002: Some family announcements from De Limburger 1974 and De Hoofddorpse Courant 1974.
07-07-2002: Articles of telegraphy and optical telegraphy.
19-02-2002: You'll can find more post cards on the "History" page, Historische prenten, ansichtkaarten.
18-12-2001: A small collection of death notices, cards and mortuary cards on the "Family Announcements" page, Maassluise Courant.
05-12-2001: The book, based on the diary of H.G. Cannegieter: "Grootvader's Glorie, Het verhaal van den tiendaagschen veldtocht". It's placed in "History", Artikelen.
23-10-2001: A Search Engine added on the "Family Announcements" page, Maassluise Courant.
07-06-2001: A new look for and more pictures on the page "Historical images".
16-04-2001: An article about a Dutch zoological station 1883.
11-04-2001: An article about the eruption of the volcano Krakatau 1883.
11-04-2001: An article about the surrounding area of Nijmegen 1900.

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