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Thanks for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy your visit here. I'm thinking very hard, but I can't find the "wizards" manual to have the pages finished that fast.

So for now... some pages are still under construction! cat
So please visit my site again ;-)

There are several subjects on my site, there's something for everyone: genealogy, articles dating from the 19th century, old postcards, family announcements of the 'Maassluise Courant' etc.
Have a look at 'UPDATE' for the latest developments. The intention is to add regularly new stuff in pictures and text.

On the left you can find the navigation. At the top you see the name of the page itself, underneath you can possibly find links to another page. With the last two links you go back to 'SITE MAP' or 'START' (the beginning of my website). To go back to the last viewed page you can also use the 'Back' button.

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