Nautical telegraphy
Insurance, Legal advice, &c.

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide

Insurance, Legal advice, &c.


1   Starless Please effect insurance against all risks for the sum of --. Sending cash by next mail.
2   Starlight Please renew insurance policy at once. Cash forwarded.
3   Start Please pay extra rate to cover my insurance.
4   Static Have you paid insurance?
5   Station Insurance fully paid up.
6   Statute Insurance has not been paid.
7   Stave Insurance claim disputed.
8   Steady Insurance claim fully paid.
9   Steamy Claim on insurance policy.
10   Steep When will insurance be paid?
11   Steerage Please incsure my personel effects for -- against all risks; this included everything for all sea risks. I am posting you the cash this mail. Insurance to date from the receipt of this telegram.
12   Stellar What is the name of insurance company?
13   Stellate I wish to insure my life with your company for --. Will you tell me name of your doctor here (or at --), so that I may be examined.
14   Stem What are the rates for life insurance in this country?
15   Stemless What are rates to insure effects for all aea risks in steamer?
16   Stencil What are rates to insure effects against all sea risks in sailing ship?
17   Stentor Am in trouble; will you see that I am represented by your solicitor?
18   Stepping Send full particulars first post. Your case will be watched.
19   Sterile Am in need of legal advice; please wire me name of your solicitor here.
20   Stern Please inform solicitor to watch case; am in trouble here.
21   Sternmost Inquiry will be held on the --.
22   Sterness Tha name of solicitor you should consult is Mr. --.
23   Sthenic We have informed our solicitor (or agent) to watch your case.
24   Stick Please watch case on behalf of our memeber, Mr. --, whom we have recommended to see you.
25   Stickler Consult a (or our) solicitor at once about the matter.
26   Stigma You will be legally represented. We are (or I am) watching your interests.
27   Stirrup I beg to renew my subscription by cash now being forwarded.
28   Stock I wish to become a memeber of your society and am sending cash. Please enroll me from this date.
29   Stockade Please give me your advice.
30   Stoic You are not responsible.
31   Stoicism I do not think that you should have much trouble if your case is clearly stated.
32   Stoker I am afraid that I cannot offer any opinion. You had better get legal advice.
      (* Code words relating to nature of accidents and other troubles will be found in other parts of this book.)

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