Nautical telegraphy
Things to be send out

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide

Things to be send out


1   Shipwright Please send me some --.
2   Shipyard Please send me some more --, same as last.
3   Shiver Please send The Service Code.
4   Shivering Please send The Post Card Code.
5   Shoal Please send me some recent works.
6   Shoaler Please send me some magazines.
7   Shoaling Please send me the Nautical Magazine.
8   Shoaly Please send me Pearson's Magazine.
9   Shine Please send me the Strand Magazine.
10   Shook Please send me the Windsor Magazine.
11   Shoot Please send me hte Daily Mail.
12   Shooting Please send me the Daily Telegraph.
13   Shorage Please send me the Sketch.
14   Shore Please send me the Daily Graphic (weekly edition).
15   Shorecliff Please send me the Tatler.
16   Shoreland Please send Syren and Shipping.
17   Shoreless Please send me the Sphere.
18   Shoresman Please send me the Bystander.
19   Shoreward Please send me the Journal of Commerce.
20   Shoring Please send me Lloyd's Shipping Gazette.
21   Shortage Please send me Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper.
22   Shorten Please send me latest cricket news.
23   Shot Please send me the latest football news.
24   Shotproof Please send me the latest racing news.
25   Shrapnel I am sending a parcel of literature.
26   Shrimp I am sending the books you desire.
27   Shrimper I am sending a parcel. Fastest route. Write on receipt.
28   Shrimping I am sending a parcel registered. Write on receipt.
29   Shrimpnet I am sending a camera. Wire on receipt.
30   Shroud Please send full details.
31   Shroudless Please send copy of will to --.
32   Sickbay Please send sea-chest here.
33   Sicko Please send me plates (or films) for my camera.
34   Sickle Please send me bookes required for my next examination.
35   Sidereal Please send me The Overseas Daily Mail.
36   Sidelight Please send me a rough suit.
37   Sideline Please send me a uniform suit.
38   Sidewind Please send me a uniform cap.
39   Sierra Please send me a few white suits.
40   Sighted Please send my clothes here.
41   Signal Please send my luggage here.
42   Signalcode Please send me some underclothing.
43   Signalfire Please send me papers; have not received them lately.
44   Signalflag Please send me some more medicine, same as last.
45   Signalgun Please send me Brown's Signal Reminder, by D.H. Bernard.
46   Signalise Please send me article No. -- detailed in your price list.
47   Signallamp Please send me a light overcoat.
48   Signalling Please send me a heavy overcoat.
49   Signally Please send me a uniform overcoat.
50   Signalman Please send me some oilskins.
51   Signalment Please send me a cap badge.
52   Sign Please send forms to fill in.
53   Signify Please send insurance policy.
54   Sillago Please send me a pair of sea boots.
55   Silt I am badly in want of --; can not be bought here.
56   Silting Send by passenger steamer.
57   Silty Send by book post.
58   Silurus Send by parcel post.
59   Silverfish Send by letter post.
60   Simoon Do not insure for full value, as I have to pay duty.
61   Sine I have to pay duty on declared value; make it as light as possible.
62   Sink Declare half value only.
63   Sinker Send my evening dress here.
64   Sinking Send my evening dress to --.
65   Sinus Send me some patterns of cloth, with prices.
66   Siren Send me your latest catalogue, with prices.
67   Sirenia What is the size that you require?
68   Sirius How long will it take to make --?
69   Sirocco Do not trouble if you cannot send.
70   Sisterhook Send article (or articles) required so as to reach me at next port.
71   Skate Send article (or articles) required to --.
72   Skater I have sent all I could at present; remainder will follow.
73   Skating Please send a copy of this book to --.
74   Skaw I have sent all I could, with exception of --; will send later.
75   Skeg Duty too heavy to pay; cannot send.
76   Skid Have not the ready cash to send what you require.
77   Skiff Who is going to pay for these things?
78   Skim I am sending a present out to you.
79   Skimming Should like to send you a present; what would you like?
80   Skio Send me a boiler suit.
81   Skipjack Send me boots suitable for engineroom wear.
82   Skipper Send me white shoes.
83   Skippet Send me brown shoes.
84   Skitter Send me brown boots.
85   Sky You will receive the articles on or about the --.
86   Skyblue Send me c/o agents at -- by parcel post.
87   Skycolour Send me c/o British Consulate at -- by parcel post.
88   Skylight Send me c/o agents here by parcel post.
89   Skyline Send me c/o British Coonsulate here by parcel post.
90   Skyp Do not forget to bring -- with you.
91   Skyrocket Send me out my certificate and papers.
92   Skysail Send me out my papers relating to --.
93   Skys Send me out my references.
94   Skyward Send me out my box.
95   Slack Send me out the key or keys (of my --).
96   Slacken Send me out my luggage.
97   Slaco Send my parcel on here.
98   Slant Send me out your photo.
99   Slave Send me out the latest news about --.
100   Slaver Forward my luggage to --.
101   Slavery Forward my luggage to ship here.
102   Slaves Send out the parcel I have forgotten.
103   Sleet Send out the parcel I have forgotten.
104   Slice Send out all letters you receive about --.
105   Slide Send out all letters you receive addressed to me.
106   Sling Send out the ship's papers I have left behind.
107   Slinging Send out the ship's papers; I have left them at --.
108   Slip You will find some important papers in --; send them out.
109   Slipdock Send out a copy of the agreement.
110   Slipknot Send out a copy of the will.
111   Sloop Send me at once --.
112   Slops I have paid carriage on goods sent.
113   Slue Insure the goods you are sending.
114   Slueing Do not send if you think they will not reach me in time.
115   Sluice I am sending goods carriage forward.
116   Slump Send me out Brown's Nautical Almanack.
117   Slush Send me out a Nautical Telegraph Code Book.
118   Smack Send me the Nautical Telegraph Code Book to --.
119   Smelt Send me all the cash you can spare.
120   Smoke I am sending you -- this mail.
121   Smok If you cannot send, bring home with you --.
122   Smoker Send me The Post Code.
123   Smoky Send me Brown's Catalogue.
124   Smooth Send me a (or my) mess jacket.
125   Smuggle Send me a (or my) spare --.
126   Smuggler Send me a (or my) gun.
127   Smuggling Send me a (or my) watch.
128   Snag Send me some (or my) cartridges.
129   Snagboat Send me Nicholls's Guide to B.O.T. Examinations.
130   Spanker Send me Guide to Extra Master Cogle & Tait's).
131   Spindle Send me Reed's Engineer's Handbook, with key.
132   Splice Send me Brown's Nautical Diary.
133   Splinter Send me 2 copies of The Service Code by first post.
134   Spoken Wire me, or send any news you may hear of --.
135   Spray Please send me The Service Code, by Bernard.
136   Spread Please send me Nights Signals of World's Shipping, by Bernard.
137   Spring Please send me The Navogator's Sky Pilot, by Bernard.
138   Sprit Please send me Ship's Lights at a Glance, by Bernard.
139   Squall Please send me Bernard's Storm Warning Signal Cards. (No. of card should follow code word if any special one is required.)
140   Squadron Please send me Bernard's Signal Instructor.
141   Standard Please send me Brown's Signal Reminder.
142   Starboard Please advise every one who travels, whether by land or sea, to carry a copy of the Nautical Telegraph Code. It is cheap, handy, and a real good friend. In time of trouble or pleasure, it will solve many a difficulty, and save you worry and expense.

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