Nautical telegraphy
Misc. sentences

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
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Miscellaneous sentences


1   Secesh I have full complement of passengers now on board.
2   Sechium I have a full complement of crew now on board.
3   Seckel Sorry to say house caught fire last night; slight damage.
4   Seclude Sorry to say ship caught fire last night; slight damage.
5   Secluded Sorry to say home caught fire last night; slight damage.
6   Seclusion Sorry to say ship caught fire last night; serious damage.
7   Seclusive Fire increasing; shall have to scuttle ship.
8   Secohm Fire decreasing; hope to extinguish it soon.
9   Second Fire completely extinguished.
10   Secondary Fire gaining rapidly.
11   Secret Shall I be quarantined at next port?
12   Secrecy No. Port exempt from quarantine.
13   Secretly You may have some slight delay.
14   Secretary Have no communication, or take passengers from shore, or ship will be quarantined.
15   Sect Ship delayed for --.
16   Sectist We are ice-bound at --; shall be there all winter.
17   Sectant Expect great difficulty in getting through ice.
18   Section Canal blocked; there will be some delay. Write.
19   Sectile Canal is clear; am now proceeding. Write to --.
20   Sective I have obtained a clean bill of health.
21   Sectility I have not obtained a clean bill of health.
22   Sector Send me assistance at once; ship on shore.
23   Secular Send me assistance at once; ship in danger/
24   Secularise I am afraid there will be great trouble with the authorities here (or at --).
25   Secularly I am detained here by authorities under protest.
26   Seat Apply to British Consul at once.
27   Secund A Naval Court will be held here.
      (* Name of port or place should follow code word if not understood.)
28   Secundate Captain is missing; ship ready for sea; please instruct.
29   Secundine My certificate has been suspended for -- months.
30   Secundum Look out for me at high-water on --.
31   Secure We are fast in the ice here, and do not expect to get clear before --.
32   Securable I cannot offer any explanation.
33   Seatr Has any arrangement been made with (or for) --?
34   Securer Harbour authorities inform me that --.
35   Security I am all ready; waiting for orders.
36   Securite Ship has heavy list.
37   Sedan Shall have to wait for spring tides.
38   Sedate Have been obliged to beach ship to prevent sinking.
39   Sedative Am all ready; waiting for clearance.
40   Sedes Boiler tubes are in bad condition.
41   Sedged Ship will need dry docking on return.
42   Sedge Vessel and cargo have been sized by --.
      (* Name of port or place should follow code word, unless understood.)
43   Sediment Have you any room for more cargo?
44   Seawater Yes; -- tons
45   Sedition No; ship is quite full up.
46   Sedulous What is the condition of your cargo?
47   Sedum In case of emergency apply to -- (or do --).
48   Seed What is the size (length and breadth) of --?
49   Seeded Charter party cancelled.
50   Seeder You are (or I am) chartered for --.
51   Seedless I am unable to obtain necessary charts of --.
52   Seedsman Have you a chart of --?
53   Seedtime No; can purchase them here.
54   Seedy Fresh water and coal cannot be had here; shall caal at --.
55   Seeing Ship will require a thorough overhaul this time.
56   Seeker Cargo slightly damaged; shall have a survey.
57   Seel Ship will have to (go to -- for) survey (or undergo survey).
58   Seeler Salvage demanded to the extent of --.
59   Seeled Demurrage commences on the --.
60   Seeling I shall claim full demurrage.
61   Seem How many passengers have you on board?
62   Seerfish Have you -- passenger on board your ship?
63   Selvagee You will have several passengers at next port.
64   Semaphore (--) is favourite for the --.
65   Semasphere The Derby favourite is --.
66   Samotilus You have drawn -- in the sweep.
67   Send You lottery ticket No. is --.
68   Sending Take tickets for me in lottery.
69   Sephen I am sending you -- for lottery tickets.
70   Septum Place -- for me on -- to win.
71   Serang Place -- for me on -- to win and place.
72   Service Double up -- and -- for me to win.
73   Settee Back -- and -- for both ways.
74   Sextant Put -- for me on favourite to win.
75   Sextile Put -- for me on favourite both ways.
76   Shackle -- is winner of to-day's race.
77   Shad What won the --?
78   Shaft Send me result of --.
      (* The Author will be obliged if the users of this code will make it known to their friends.)
79   Shafting Result of race as follows --.
80   Shagreen 1st horse disqualified.
81   Shallop 2nd horse disqualified.
82   Shallow 3rd horse disqualified.
83   Shanty -- scratched.
84   Shark If -- runs in -- back for me -- to win.
85   Shearbill If -- runs, back both ways for --.
86   Sheave Send me result of to-day's race.
87   Sheep Send me weights when published.
88   Sheer You have won.
89   Sheerhulk Your horse got a place.
90   Sheerleg You have lost.
91   Sheet Your ticket won first prize.
92   Shell Your ticket wins large sum.
93   Shellback Your ticket wins small sum.
94   Shellfish If I draw a horse let me know.
95   Shelly If my ticket wins let me know.

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