Nautical telegraphy
Money and Business

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide

Money and Business

1   Sabella Am sending you postal order (or orders) for the amount.
2   Sable Am sending you post-office order for the amount.
3   Sail Run short of cash, please send me 1; am writing.
4   Sailable Run short of cash, please send me 2; am writing.
5   Sailboat Run short of cash, please send me 3; am writing.
6   Sailborne Run short of cash, please send me 4; am writing.
7   Sailbroad Run short of cash, please send me 5; am writing.
8   Sailcloth Run short of cash, please send me 6; am writing.
9   Sailed Run short of cash, please send me 7; am writing.
10   Sailfish Run short of cash, please send me 8; am writing.
11   Sailhoop Run short of cash, please send me 9; am writing.
12   Sailing Run short of cash, please send me 10; am writing.
13   Sailless Run short of cash, please send me 15; am writing.
14   Saillocker Run short of cash, please send me 20; am writing.
15   Sailloft Run short of cash, please send me 50; am writing.
16   Sailmaker Run short of cash, please send me --; am writing.
17   Sailor Please open credit with -- for me.
18   Sailorman Keep note of numbers and cross them as a cheque.
19   Sailroom Best way will be to send cheque on my bankers.
20   Saily Ask them by cable to pay the amount at once.
21   Sailyard Cash paid into bank cannot be withdrawn.
22   Salamba Bank refuse payment without authority from you.
23   Salary -- refuse payment without authority from you.
24   Salmon Account at bank is overdrawn.
25   Saloon Have placed to your account the sum of --.
26   Salpa Acknowledge by cable receipt of letter.
27   Salt Act upon my previous instructions.
28   Saltgauge -- is empowered to act upon my (our) behalf.
29   Salthorse Do you (or I do) confirm the agreement?
30   Saltmarsh We do (or I do) not confirm the agreement
31   Saltness Yes' confirm the agreement?
32   Saltwater They (her) (or he) refuse to pay.
33   Saltwort Wire me at once if you have not enough money.
34   Salute I have enough money.
35   Saluting I have not enough money, please send some at once.
36   Salvable I have not enough money, please send me --.
37   Salvage Have instructed -- to give you up to --.
38   Salvor Have sent --, wire me upon receipt.
39   Sampan I have received money quite safe. Thanks.
40   Samphire I have received money from you to the value of --.
41   Samsonhorst If you are in need of cash, wire.
42   Sand If you are in doubt about money matters (or business) consult --.
43   Sandbank -- has offered to lend me what I require.
44   Sanderling You must consult -- about the matter.
45   Sandfish Have you paid --?
46   Sandglass Have you paid him (her, or it) in full?
47   Sandhill Have paid half of it.
48   Sandridge Have paid part of it.
49   Sands Have paid all of it.
50   Sandstar Pay -- at once.
51   Sandstorm Don't pay -- until further instructions.
52   Sandworm You can advance -- the cash required.
53   Sandy On no account advance -- any cash.
54   Saturn Do not borrow cash from -- if you can possibly avoid doing so.
55   Sawfish Pay only what is absolutely necessary.
56   Scale Pay what is necessary; will settle upon my return.
57   Scaling Tell -- I will settle his (or her) account in full later.
58   Scallop Be careful; I find it extremely difficult to send any money just at present.
59   Scaly Very sorry am unable to send any cash at present.
60   Scarf Draw what money you require from the bank.
61   Scarfed Am posting you cheque; wire upon receipt.
62   Scarfing Am posting you cheque; write upon receipt.
63   Scaup No money; pay my passage at agents', and ask them to instruct at this end. Wire reply.
64   Scaur Your passage has been paid to steamer agents here.
65   Schooner No money; very ill, and want to come home.
66   Scilla No money; very ill; must have a change of air.
67   Scoop Consequences will be fatal if you do not send money.
68   Scooping I will no longer be responsible for your debts.
69   Scooper I have stretched a point this time, but it will be quite useless for you to make further demands.
70   Scoor Please yourself about the matter; no money will be forthcoming from me.
71   Scoos -- can be apprenticed to --, premium --; do you think this would suit? Wire.
72   Scoot -- offered an apprenticeship without premium; what do you think? Wire, yes or no.
73   Scoox -- has accepted a very good offer.
74   Scooz -- has accepted a very doubtful offer.
75   Scopa Will you accept offer of -- at --?
76   Scope A command is going in the --; wire owners.
77   Scopeful Can offer you a berth as chief in the -- at --.
78   Scopeless Very glad to say -- has passed his exam.
79   Scoph Have been most successful in passing my exam.
80   Scopi I hear that I am to be promoted soon.
81   Scopious I am promoted and joining another ship at --.
82   Scopi I am promoted and joining the -- at --.
83   Scopperil I shall leave if I am not promoted.
84   Scops I am going to leave the ship; most uncomfortable here now; shall come home if I cannot get another.
85   Scoptic Ship is signing on to go to an infectious port; I shall leave her here.
86   Scopulous Money not good enough here; shall apply for a berth in the --.
87   Scor Stock continues improving.
88   Scora Stock has risen considerably.
89   Scorb I think it would be wise to sell now.
90   Scorch Hold as long as you can.
91   Scorched A good investment going in -- at --; what do you think about it?
92   Scorching Have sold for --.
93   Scord Have bought for --.
94   Scordato Detail full particulars of claim, first post.
95   Score Do not sell at any price.
96   Scorer No, do not sell at less than --.
97   Scoring I cannot obtain security.
98   Scoria Your security is required; wire.
99   Scoriac Yes, I agree to be security for --.
100   Scorify You must get the best security possible.
101   Scorious For what purpose do you require so much cash?
102   Scorn Please buy for me -- at --.
103   Scornful Please sell for me -- at --.
104   Scorning Please sell for me -- at best possible price.
105   Scorodite Can you promise to send me -- before --?
106   Scorp Sell right out, and come on here.
107   Scorper Power of attorney is required, or we cannot act.
108   Scorpion Power of attorney is sent by post to-day.
109   Scorpio Power of attorney must be sent to --.
110   Scors Place to my account --, and I will repay you --
111   Scort Please pay to wife on my account the sum of --.
112   Scorza Please pay to -- on my account the sum of --.
113   Scorx I have received notice to quit by the --.
114   Scot I have received notice from --.
115   Scotia No money to pay fare; wire.
116   Scottish No money to pay bills; wire.
117   Scotchman No money to pay wages; wire.
118   Scotland I shall require your authority to purchase.
119   Scotching Amount of coal required here is -- tons.
120   Scoter Have taken in -- tons coal here.
121   Scotice Have taken in -- cargo here.
122   Scotism Total amount of cargo now on board -- tons.
123   Scotist Ship is down to her marks.
124   Scotograph Total cargo on board up to the present -- tons.
125   Scotoma Do not wait for cargo; proceed at once (to --).
126   Scotomy If you have any trouble about cargo let me know.
127   Scotophis If you have any trouble about -- let me know.
128   Scotornis Total expenditure here is --.
129   Scotoscope Do not bother about deck cargo.
130   Scotticise Cargo coming down very slowly.
131   Scoup If cargo is not on board by -- proceed.
132   Scour If coal is not on board by -- proceed.
133   Scourer Authorities intend to detain ship.
134   Scourge Shall save all cargo.
135   Scourger Shall save part of cargo.
136   Scourse Amount of salvage --.
137   Scout Have been offered -- for salvage; wire reply.
138   Scouter Ship will not be detained.
139   Scouth Ship will not be detained more than -- days.
140   Scouther Local authorities consider ship will come off in -- days.
141   Scova Have lost anchor here (and -- chain).
142   Scovan Consignee will not accept cargo.
143   Scobd Cannot discharge cargo except by lighterage.
144   Scove All cargo will be on board by the --.
145   Scoved All cargo will be discharged by the --.
146   Scovel When will you finish discharging?
147   Scow When will you finish loading?
148   Scowl Total amount of cargo discharged.
149   Scowling Fire has broken out on board; shall have to discharge. No. -- hold.
150   Scowther Money required to pay crew, --.
151   Scrab Crew refuse to proceed further in ship; must pay off and engage a new crew.
152   Scrabble -- wishes to be paid off; require your sanction.
153   Scraffle Shall have to send to -- for a fresh crew.
154   Scrag Crew have deserted ship.
155   Scragged Crew have appealed to the authorities.
156   Scraggy I must engage -- men on deck.
157   Scraggly I must engage -- firemen.
158   Scraich Crew discontented; will not work.
159   Scramb Crew imprisoned.
160   Scramble Have left here (--) short of -- men.
161   Scrambler Can you send me -- good seamen at once?
162   Scrambling Can you send me -- good firemen at once?
163   Scramp Can you send me -- good trimmers at once?
164   Scran Can you send me good carpenter at once?
165   Scranning Can you send me good sailmaker at once?
166   Scranch Can you send me good bosun at once?
167   Scranky Can you send me -- (or a) good cook at once?
168   Scrannel I require a junior officer.
169   Scranny Have engaged a junior officer here at --.
170   Scrap Have engaged a chief officer here at --.
171   Scrappily Have engaged a junior engineer here at --.
172   Scrappy Have engaged a chief enigineer here at --.
173   Scrape Have taken charge of ship.
174   Scraper Have taken charge of engine department.
175   Scraping I shall require -- men to work cargo.
176   Scrapple Cannot possibly do without more men.
177   Scratch Crew refuse to work cargo after -- P.M.
178   Scratcher Intended to do so.
179   Scrattle I have intended to pay off; and engage native crew.
180   Scraw Cannot get men here under -- (firemen, --).
181   Scrawl Have to-day sent cheque payable to yourself.
182   Scrawler Have to-day sent cheque payable to father.
183   Scrawly Have to-day sent cheque payable to mother.
184   Scrawm Have to-day sent cheque payable to sister.
185   Scray Have to-day sent cheque payable to brother.
186   Screak Have to-day sent cheque payable to uncle.
187   Scream Have to-day sent cheque payable to aunt.
188   Screamer Have to-day sent cheque payable to --.
189   Screaming Cannot possibly send you more than --.
190   Scree What is the greatest amount you can send me?
191   Screech How much money have you remitted?
192   Screecher I cannot send cash until --.
193   Screed On waht date do (or did) you post remittance?
194   Screen Let me know the result of interview.
195   Screeve This money must be paid at once without fail.
196   Screever I am sending money by quickest possible route.
197   Screeving Money will be forthcoming in an day or two. Don't worry.
198   Scribbet You shall have the money as soon as I can get it.
199   Scribble Terms are too high; reduce them.
200   Scribe Can only offer you --, will you accept?
201   Scribable Have borrowed -- at -- per cent.
202   Scribal Yes, I will accept the terms you offer.
203   Scribing Contract expires on the --; shall remain awhile.
204   Scriggle Contract expires on the --; shall return home.
205   Scrime Ship signs on again to-morrow; am undecided.
206   Scrimp Too many details to wire; am writing you fully.
207   Scrimped Do you think -- is to be trusted?
208   Scrim I cannot sell without heavy loss.
209   Scrip Very unsatisfactory reports to hand concerning --.
210   Scription Lease will expire on the --.
211   Scripture What terms have you made?
212   Scritch Stock is very low.
213   Scrivano Have not received bill of lading.
214   Scrive Am posting bills of lading at once.
215   Scrivener How are bills of lading made out?
216   Scrobe Business suspended on account of holidays.
217   Scrod Bank shut on account of holidays.
218   Scroddle Invest for me on the best terms --.
219   Scrog What is your opinion of this business?
220   Scroll Cheque is lost; stop payment at once.
221   Scrolled Cheque not paid; returned marked --.
222   Scroop Send your cheque crossed.
223   Scrouge Send your cheque open.
224   Scrow Decline to accept upon these terms.
225   Scrub How much do disbursements amount to?
226   Scrubber Send full details of disbursements.
227   Scrubbing I have forwarded documents for your signature.
228   Scruff Documents have been signed and posted.
229   Scruple The profit on this transaction will be about --.
230   Scrupler You must avoid all unnecessary expense.
231   Scrutiny Consult solicitor about the matter.
232   Scud Place this business in the hands of.
233   Scudders They must give you a guarantee in writing.
234   Scuddle What price do you think I ought to pay?
235   Scudo You must use your own judgement, but be careful.
236   Scuffle Have received notice that income tax must be paid by --.
237   Scull I have paid income tax amounting to --.
238   Sculler Insurance has been paid.
239   Sculling Please pay premium of my life policy, now about due.
240   Sculpture To-day have forwarded draft on owners.
241   Scumber Cannot get cash advanced on any terms.
242   Scumble For some reason allotment has been stopped; what am I do? Wire reply.
243   Scumx Go to -- and request the favour of temporary loan; I am posting cash this mail.
244   Seaport I decline to accept the responsibility.
245   Seasick I decline to accept under any circumstances.
246   Seaside Impossible to allow any deduction.
247   Seaward Comply with requirements in all respects.
248   Seaweed Comply with requirements under protest.
249   Seaworthy What commission will be allowed?
250   Sear Commission will be allowed?
251   Seared What are particulars of claim?
252   Searness Can you purchase more on the same terms?
253   Searchable -- has filed bankruptcy petition.
254   Searcher Bankruptcy proceedings have been taken against --.
255   Searching Bank rate raised -- per cent.
256   Search Bank rate reduced -- per cent.
257   Season Price quoted is --.
258   Seasonable Can you make some arrangement?
259   Seasoner Make definite arrangements.
260   Seasoning What is the arrangement suggested?
261   Seasonless It is impossible to make arrangements.
262   Seat Arrangements have been made.
263   Seated Everything has been arranged most satisfatorily.
264   Seating Payment cannot be obtained.
265   Seave Payment has been made.
266   Seax Some alteration must be made.
267   Sebaceous No alteration has been made.
268   Sebat Am I to take charge?
269   Sebesten Take charge until you hear further.
270   Sebilla Find out the reason and write at once.
271   Sebundy Find out the reason and cable at once.
272   Secale Do you consider business sound?
273   Secamone I am anxious to know if this is quite true.
274   Secant Who is to pay charges on --?
275   Secco Take possession of --; will instruct later.
276   Secede You must consider decision final.
277   Secern What is the amount owing?

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