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Holidays and amusements



  No person should ever go on a holiday without "THE NAUTICAL CODE." Besides being enabled to send strictly private messages without disfiguring Post Cards, There are many other reasons why you should have a copy with you. If once you use the "Nautical" these reasons will present themselves. It van be obtained from all Nautical Booksellers.
  We would urge all travellers to use the Nautical Code. It's the simplest, the most concise, and therefore the best.

1   Reel Coming home on leave; expect a long holiday.
2   Reeming Taking a few days' holiday here.
3   Reeve Taking a few weeks' holiday here.
4   Reeved Doctor recommends a seaside holiday; am writing.
5   Reeving Not returning in ship; recruiting health here.
6   Refloat Going down to the coast again.
7   Reflow Going down to the coast again to cath steamer.
8   Refraction Must return home for holiday; am in bad health.
9   Refuge You certainly ought to go on a holiday.
10   Regatta Hope you had enjoyable holiday. When do you return?
11   Register Come home, you are in need of a holiday.
12   Relieving Hope I shall be home by next Bank holiday.
13   Reload Where do you spend your holidays this year?
14   Render I shall wait for my holidays until you come home.
15   Repairs Should like to go to -- for my holidays.
16   Reserve Have been invited to spend a holiday at --.
17   Reset Let me know when you will be likely to get holidays.
18   Resign Before you go on your holidays send me address.
19   Retire Am afraid I shall get no holidays this year.
20   Rhumb I have been invited to go to --. What do you think?
21   Ribband Yes; I should be pleased for you to do so.
22   Rigging No; I don't think it suitable. I will write.
23   Rigout You must send me money to go on my holidays.
24   Ringbolt My health has improved wonderfully down here.
25   Ringrope I don't like this place. I shall return home.
26   Ringtail Holidays postponed; am wiritng to explain.
27   Ripple I am spending a few days at --, and reaminder at --.
28   Rippling If you are likely to return before I take my holidays, wire.
29   River -- not well; am going to take him (or her) to health-resort.
30   Rivet Holidays commence on the --.
31   Riveter Am now going on holiday to --.
32   Riveting I expect to return in a few days (or about the --).
33   Rivulet Join me at --; will wait for you.
34   Roads Can you recommend me spending holidays at --?
35   Roadstead I shall soon be home; we will spend holidays together.
36   Rocky Let me know where to write you during holidays.
37   Roller You had better take a holiday. I feel sure your state of health requires one.
38   Rollick Go to -- for a holiday.
39   Rosin Go to -- for holidays. I will join you there.
40   Rough Write to -- Hotel. I am spending a holiday here.
41   Route Have been obliged to bring -- here for change of air. Shall return shortly.
42   Routine Am here on holiday; wish you were with me. Shall be returning home in a few days. Writing.
43   Rudder I do wish you were down here with me, holiday would be far more enjoyable. Am writing you a long letter. Much love.
44   Rummage Glad to hear you are taking a holiday. I should like to be with you, but am looking forward to that pleasure in the near future. Much love.
45   Run Most miserable and lonely here without you. Hope you will have a good long holiday upon your return.
46   Runnel Work delayed by holidays, so do not expect to be home as soon as anticipated.
47   Running Try and arrange to spend holidays with me.
48   Rushy Shall take a long holiday ashore after this voyage.
49   Russe Am going abroad for holidays.
50   Rutty Taking a sea trip for health.
51   Ruxot Take the Nautical Code with you when you go on your holidays; there is great fun in it.
      * Names of ports or place should follow code word if not understood between sender and receiver.

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