Nautical telegraphy
Births, marriages, deaths

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide

Births   Marriages   Deaths

1   Oak Confined to-day, boy; both doing well.
2   Oakum Confined to-day, boy, dead; mother well.
3   Oar Confined to-day, girl, both doing well.
4   Oarage Confined to-day, girl, dead; mother well.
5   Oared Confined to-day, baby dead; mother fairly well.
6   Oarlock Confined to-day, baby dead; mother weak.
7   Oarsman Confined to-day, baby dead; mother very weak.
8   Oblique Confined to-day, baby dead; mother fairly well. Will wire again.
9   Observing Confined to-day, baby dead; mother very weak. Will wire again.
10   Observe Confined to-day, twins; both boys. All well.
11   Occident Confined to-day, twins; both girls. All well.
12   Occidental Confined to-day, twins; one alive, a boy; mother well.
13   Ocean Confined to-day, twins; one alive, a boy; mother weak.
14   Oceanian Confined to-day, twins; one alive, a girl; mother well.
15   Oceanic Confined to-day, twins; one alive, a girl; mother very weak.
16   Oceanides Confined to-day; mother very weak; not expected to live.
17   Octopus Confined to-day, twins; both dead; mother well.
18   Officer Confined to-day, twins; both dead; mother very weak.
19   Offical Confined to-day, twins; boy and girl. All well.
20   Oilbag Confined to-day, twins; mother very weak.
21   Oilskin Confined to-day, twins; boy and girl; mother very weak.
22   Oldster Confined to-day; mother had to undergo operation, but is progressing well.
23   Ooze Confined to-day; mother dead, baby living.
24   Orient Mother is now much better. Don't worry.
25   Oriental Every care is being taken, so do not be anxious.
26   Orientate You will get word in a few days. Don't worry.
27   Orlop Wou will hear soon; likely to be slight delay.
28   Ormer What shall I name baby? Please wire.
29   Ortive -- is what I wish the name to be.
30   Outbreaker Don't you think -- would be a good name?
31   Outcast Glad beyond measure to hear the news; accept my kindest love, dearest.
32   Outer It is impossible to describe in a wire how I geel. Rest assured that I am thinking of you and your future happiness. Will write to you (or see you) as quickly as possible. I am very anxious.
33   Outfit Let me know by telegram. I am most anxious.
34   Outfitter I will wire again; baby not expected to live. I am quite well.

1   Outflow Marriage is announced.
2   Outhaul Marriage postponed indefinitely.
3   Outhauler Marriage postponed in consequence of --.
4   Outland Marriage postponed. Am writing.
5   Outline Marriage takes place at --.
6   Outlying Marriage arranged for January.
7   Outrigger Marriage arranged for February.
8   Outsail Marriage arranged for March.
9   Outset Marriage arranged for April.
10   Outshine Marriage arranged for May.
11   Outside Marriage arranged for June.
12   Outtrave Marriage arranged for July.
13   Outward Marriage arranged for August.
14   Outwatch Marriage arranged for September.
15   Outwear Marriage arranged for October.
16   Outwell Marriage arranged for November.
17   Outwind Marriage arranged for December.
18   Overalls Marriage arranged; will wait until your return.
19   Overblow Marriage will take place as soon as possible.
20   Overboard Marriage will take place at once; -- ordered abroad.
21   Overbuilt Very glad to hear of your marriage. Good luck.
22   Overburden Very surprised to hear of marriage. Much happiness.
23   Overcarry -- is engaged to --. What do you think?
24   Overcast Marriage broken off. I am writing particulars.
25   Overcrowd I intend marrying upon my return.
26   Overdue Can you arrange marriage by --.
27   Overfalls Dearest, make all necessary arrangements for our marriage.
28   Overflow I shall apply for extension of leave.
29   Overhand Will you agree to marry me upon my return?
30   Overhaul Have just heard -- has been married.
31   Overhead Hearty congratulations. Long life and happiness.
32   Overloaded Please send a useful wedding present, with my best wishes.
33   Overlooker Glad to hear it. Send him (or her) a cheque for --.
34   Overseas Marriage certificate required.

1   Pacific -- has died suddenly. Come at once.
2   Packet -- has died suddenly. Do not come; I will write.
3   Paddle -- has died suddenly; we await instructions.
4   Padlock -- has died suddenly; will post details.
5   Paint Sad news, baby dead; will write particulars.
6   Painter Sad news, daughter dead; will write particulars.
7   Palm Sad news, son dead; will write particulars.
8   Pannikin Sad news, father dead; will write particulars.
9   Parallel Sad news, mother dead; will write particulars.
10   Parbuckle Sad news, husband dead; will write particulars.
11   Parting Sad news, wife dead; will write particulars.
      (* Name of person should follow code word if not understood.)
12   Passage Sad news, brother dead; will write particulars.
13   Passenger Sad news, sister dead; will write particulars.
14   Passing Sad news, uncle dead; will write particulars.
15   Passport Sad news, aunt dead; will write particulars.
16   Patamar Sad news, grandfather dead; will write particulars.
17   Pawl Sad news, grandmother dead; will write particulars.
18   Payday Sad news, wife dead; you had better return home.
19   Paymaster Sad news, wife has passed away. I am looking after children.
20   Peacoat Kindly break sad news of -- 's death to --.
21   Peajacket Sad news; -- has been lost overboard.
22   Peak Sad news; husband dead, wife saved.
23   Pelican Sad news; wife dead, husband saved.
24   Pennant Sad news, husband and wife both drowned.
25   Periscope Sad news, both drowned, but child saved.
26   Petrel Sad news, wife dead, husband and child saved.
27   Phosphorus Sad news, husband dead, wife and child saved.
28   Picket Sad news, child drowned; we were saved.
29   Pilot Sad news, your husband was washed overboard. Am writing.
30   Pilotage Sad news, your husband died during the passage; sincerest sympathy. Am writing.
31   Piloto Sad news, your son died during the passage; sincerest sympathy. Am writing.
32   Pilum Sad news, your brother died during the passage; sincerest sympathy. Am writing.
33   Pimpernel Delay funeral as long as possible. I will rush home.
34   Pinafore Come quickly, I anticipate trouble over will.
35   Pinnace Deeply grieved; impossible to attend funeral.
36   Pipe Take charge of all effects. I am writing.
37   Piracy Send me a lock of his (or her) hair.
38   Pirate Will cannot be found anywhere.
39   Piratic Do you know where we can find will?
40   Plaice He (or she) has made a will in favour of --.
41   Planet He (or she) has made no will.
42   Planetary When does not funeral take place?
43   Planetic Funeral takes place --.
44   Plank Sincerest sympathy in this great sorrow.
45   Plimsoll I am thankful to say none of the others appear to be affected.
46   Plunge What was the cause of death?
47   Plunging The cause of death was --.
48   Polacca The sorrow is more than I can bear. Come home.
49   Polar -- dead; -- is affected with the same disease.
50   Polarise Keep the news from her (or him) as long as possible.
51   Poles Be very careful how you break the news.
52   Policy -- dying fast.
53   Pollack Death certificate.
54   Pollux A post-mortem examination will be necessary.
55   Pontonier An inquest will be necessary.
56   Pontoon Verdict, temporary insanity.
57   Pool Verdict, felo de se.
58   Poop Verdict, manslaughter
59   Porpoise Verdict, murder.
60   Port Verdict, death accidental.
61   Portage Convey my sincerest sympathy and send wreath.
62   Porthole I am deeply affected at this sad blow.
63   Position You should claim compensation at once.
64   Privateer I should be extremely obliged if you will make enquiries and send me full details of my (husband, son, father, mother, sister, brother, or relative as understood (if not, name)) death. I am most anxious to know cause, and any advice you can give me will be most thankfully received.
65   Projector Full enquiries shall be made into all circumstances attending death, and detailed by letter as quickly as possible. I beg to offer you my sincerest sympathy for your sad loss.
66   Propel Under these sad circumstances what do you advise?
67   Provide I should be glad of your assistance. I am left penniless.
68   Provident We will do waht we can to help you, and endeavour to raise a small fund.
69   Prow Very many thanks for your kind assistance in the hour of need.
70   Punka Buried at sea in lat. -- long. --.

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