Nautical telegraphy

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide


Master ... Mocat   

1   Master Arrived here after a smart passage. Good weather.
2   Mate Arrived here after s smart passage in spite of bad weather.
3   Megaphone Have had a most unpleasant passage. Bad weather.
4   Mercantile Have had a most unpleasant passage. Dense fog.
5   Merchant Have had a most unpleasant passage. Head-winds all the way.
6   Mercury Experienced a terrible cyclone. No damage to ship or crew.
7   Mermaid Experienced a terrible cyclone. Decks swept. Much damage to ship.
8   Merman Experienced a terrible cyclone. Crew and ship behaved well. Am all right.
9   Messenger Weather most severe all trhough the voyage.
10   Messmate Have put into here through stress of weather.
11   Metacentre Ship damaged by bad weather. Here for repairs.
12   Meteor All sials lost. Shall be here some time. Self and crew well.
13   Meteroric Sorry to say bad weather has caused loss of life. Self well.
14   Middy Sorry remain here until weather moderates.
15   Midse Weather too unfavourable to leave here at present.
16   Midshipman Weather too bad. Detained. Will telegraph departure.
17   Midships Prospects of good weather this next passage.
18   Millepore Bad weather in the Bay. Otherwise fine passage.
19   Millpond Do not be alarmed at long passage. Must expect bad weather this time of the year.
20   Millrace Ships report bad weather coming out; so I expect we shall not be up to time. Don't be anxious.
21   Mineral Weather permitting, we ought to be home by the --.
22   Minutes Unsafe to continue voyage as ship is at present, owing to heavy gales.
23   Misty Weather frightfully hot here. You will need light clothing.
24   Mitten Seas washed out my cabin. All clothing spoilt.
25   Mixable Bad weather. Put in here leaky. Shall discharge cargo, and dry dock. I am well.
26   Mixer Weather very fine and warm here now.
27   Mixtion You will enjoy staying here. Weather will improve your health.
28   Mizmaze I think a change of weather would be of great benefit to you.
29   Mizzen Bad weather has caused slight accident to me. Hope soon to be better.
30   Mizzle Bad weather has caused severe accident to me. Shall have to leave ship and come home.
31   Mizzling Providing we have fine weather we should soon finish cable repair and return here.
32   Moabite We may expect bad weather this time of the year. Shall probably anchor in some bay off cable ground and wait for suitable weather.
33   Mobat Expect to be late arriving. Do not worry, heavy gales may continue. Will wire you later. We are quite well.
34   Mobe Will be home very shortly. Weather delay docking. Don't worry.
35   Mocta Please let me know if weather had delayed you. Am most anxious.
36   Mocat Weather reports indicate a long passage. If you are not waiting postpone until arrival. Shall not be longer than I can help.

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