Nautical telegraphy

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide


K   L   M

    NOTE The Author regrets that many words in the former editions had to be altered to meet the new telegraphic requirements, but the book has been greatly added to and considerably improved.

1   Kelp Hope you can meet me; wire reply to agents here.
2   Kentledge Hope you can meet me at --.
3   Ketch Hope you can spend a few days here; wire time of leaving.
4   Kink Pleased to have you with me this voyage; you can put up on board.
5   Kinky Pleased to have you with me this voyage; we can stay at a hotel in port.
6   Knot Pleased you are coming; wire when and where to meet you.
7   Knotless Take passage by the --, and wire when leaving.
8   Knotted Now leaving by the --.
9   Knotty Now leaving by the --; shall be there on --.
10   Koff You should come, as we shall be here some time; you can stay on board.

11   Labour Your passage has been paid here, to agents of the -- Line.
12   Labouring Take passage by the --.
13   Lading We must postpone meeting until --.
14   Ladon Can you meet met at --.
15   Land The best way for you to come would be by the --.
16   Lander You can do the round trip with us; should like you to come.
17   Landfall I will leave about the --.
18   Landing Yes; I shall be pleased to come; will wire when leaving.
19   Landlock Come by quickest route possible; expect to leave about --..
20   Landless Come to --, and wait for me there.
21   Landsman Very sorry cannot come; am very ill.
22   Landmark Cannot possibly leave; children (or child) not at all well.
23   Landward Sorry cannot come to --; I am not well; will meet you at --.
24   Landwind Sorry cannot come to --; accident (not serious) prevents me.
25   Lanyard Sorry cannot come; mother very ill.
26   Lapping Sorry cannot come; father very ill.
27   Laputan Sorry cannot come; son very ill.
28   Larboard Sorry cannot come; daughter very ill.
29   Lascar Sorry cannot come; brother very ill.
30   Lastage Sorry cannot come; sister very ill.
31   Lateen Should be pleased if you can stay until --.
32   Latitude Come as soon as possible, and bring child (or children).
33   Launch Come as soon as possible, and bring --.
34   Launched Meet* me on Monday at --.
* Meet may be understood as meeting, and leave as leaving. Time, port or place should follow code word if not understood.
35   Launching Meet me on Tuesday at --.
36   Laydays Meet me on Wednesday at --.
37   Lazaret Meet me on Thursday at --.
38   Lead Meet me on Friday at --.
39   Leadline Meet me on Saturday at --.
40   Leadsman Meet me on Sunday at --.
41   Leak Leave on Monday for --.
42   Leakage Leave on Tuesday for --.
43   Leaking Leave on Wednesday for --.
44   Leaky Leave on Thursday for --.
45   Lee Leave on Friday for --.
46   Leebo Leave on Saturday for --.
47   Leech Leave on Sunday for --.
48   Leefang You must be ready to leave on the --.
49   Leega Leave has been refused; if you can come, do so.
50   Leeg When are you leaving?
51   Leesi When do you expect to be home?
52   Leeti Where can I come to meet you?
53   Leeward Unless you wire, I shall meet ship.
54   Leeway Inquire agent's name at this (that) port before you leave.
55   Lifeb Shall be greatly disappointed if you cannot come.
56   Lifeboat Can you join ship at --?
57   Lifelong Cannot say definitely; will do so if I can possibly get away/
58   Lift Our stay will be so sohort, it is really not worth it.
59   Lightable I have received permission for you to finish the voyage with me.
60   Lighten I have been promoted; can you join me her (or at --?
61   Lightening May I come out and join you?
62   Lighter You had better drop a line and ask owners if they have any objection.
63   Lighterage Owners will inform you where the ship will be.
64   Lighterman I have wired to owners for permission; will wire later.
65   Lighthouse Sorry to say owners object.
66   Light Come at once; be silent; owners need not know unless I tell them later.
67   Lightness Can you come here?
68   Lightsome Cannot come until --.
69   Limbers Do not leave until --.
70   Line If I am not there, go to -- Hotel.
71   Lineage If I am not there, come on to --.
72   Liner If I am not there, you will find a letter at agent's.
73   Link If I am not there, you will find a letter at British Consulate.
74   List If I am not there, inquire agent's advice.
75   Load If I am not there, wire me to --.
76   Loading If I am not there, go to --.
77   Loadstar If I am not there, do the best you can until ship arrives.
78   Lock I have arrived at --; am waiting to hear further.
79   Locker Glad to hear you have arrived safe; shall be with you very soon.
80   Lockgate Sorry I cannot come; there is trouble at home; will explain by letter.
81   Lockout Sorry I cannot come; accident prevents; letter explains.
82   Locksman Sorry I cannot come; accident to house; serious.
83   Lockup Sorry I cannot come; accident to house; will come as soon as I can get away.
84   Locust No time to catch this mail; shall leave by the next boat.
85   log Detaines by unforeseen circumstances; do not expect me until --.
86   Logboard You may expect me about --.
87   Logbook Should much like to come, but I have not enough for expenses.
88   Loggerhead How long do you expect I shall be with you?
89   Logline If -- is better by the tme of leaving, I shall come.
90   Logia Impossible; baby is much worse.
91   Loma Impossible; -- is much worse.
92   Longboat You had better be prepared in case I wire you to come.
93   Longitude You had better remain at -- until you hear further.
94   Lookout Reply if I am to come by next steamer.
95   Lubber Return home at once; serious accident.
96   Luff Return home; orders have been changed.
97   Lug I have made all necessary arrangements for you, if ship is not here (or there) when I arrive.

98   Magazine Leaving on the 1st (by steamship -- *
99   Magnetic Leaving on the 2nd (by steamship -- *
100   Mailable Leaving on the 3rd (by steamship -- *
101   Main Leaving on the 4th (by steamship -- *
102   Mainboom Leaving on the 5th (by steamship -- *
103   Mainbrace Leaving on the 6th (by steamship -- *
104   Maindeck Leaving on the 7th (by steamship -- *
105   Mainland Leaving on the 8th (by steamship -- *
106   Mainmast Leaving on the 9th (by steamship -- *
107   Mainsail Leaving on the 10th (by steamship -- *
108   Mainsheet Leaving on the 11th (by steamship -- *
109   Mainspring Leaving on the 12th (by steamship -- *
110   Maintop Leaving on the 13th (by steamship -- *
111   Mainstay Leaving on the 14th (by steamship -- *
112   Mainyard Leaving on the 15th (by steamship -- *
113   Manifest Leaving on the 16th (by steamship -- *
114   Manning Leaving on the 17th (by steamship -- *
115   Marigraph Leaving on the 18th (by steamship -- *
116   Marine Leaving on the 19th (by steamship -- *
117   Mariner Leaving on the 20th (by steamship -- *
118   Maritime Leaving on the 21st (by steamship -- *
119   Marl Leaving on the 22nd (by steamship -- *
120   Marline Leaving on the 23rd (by steamship -- *
121   Maroon Leaving on the 24th (by steamship -- *
122   Marooner Leaving on the 25th (by steamship -- *
123   Marooning Leaving on the 26th (by steamship -- *
124   Marque Leaving on the 27th (by steamship -- *
125   Mars Leaving on the 28th (by steamship -- *
126   Martingale Leaving on the 29th (by steamship -- *
127   Mast Leaving on the 30th (by steamship -- *
128   Masted Leaving on the 31st (by steamship -- *
129   Masterly Leaving; address letters to --.
130   Mastless Breakdown (or bad weather) prevents ship leaving; may arrove late.
      (* If ship's names does not follow, it will be understood that the person is leaving on that date. These code words may be used to express date of month if it is understood between sender and receiver. Name of port, place, or station may also follow code word if so desired.)
      Example. -- Marooning, Cedric, Gibraltar.
Meaning. -- I am leaving New York on the 26 th inst. by R.M.S.S. Cedric for Gibraltar.

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