Nautical telegraphy
Letters and Telegrams

The Nautical Telegraph Code Book
And Postal Guide

Letters and Telegrams

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1   Aback I am very anxious about you. Have received no letter (or letters); write immediately.
2   Abeam I much regret not hearing from you at this port. Write at once to the next port (here follows name of port if necessary).
3   Aboard Thanks for your letters, Write to next port (here follows name of port if necessary).
4   Abreast Cannot understand why you have not received my letters. I posted to you a week ago.
5   Admiral Queer! You have not had my letters. I posted to you a month ago.
6   Adrift I have posted to you regularly each mail since you (I) left - (here follows name of port or place if required).
7   Afloat I am anxiously awaiting a reply to my letter (or letters).
8   Afoul On what date did you post last?
9   Aft I am posting to you (again) to-day.
10   After I have posted letters to each port you mentioned.
11   Ahead I shall be pleased to hear that you have received my letters.
12   Ahold To what port did you address my letters?
13   Ahoy Sorry could not write before. We have only just arrived here.
14   Ahull I am sorry could not write. I have been ill, but am now much better.
15   Airpu Your letters have been addressed to -- (here follows name of port).
16   Albacore Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o British Consulate.
17   Albatross Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o Agents.
18   Almanac Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o Ship.
19   Aloft Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o Owners.
20   Altitude Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o Post Office
21   Ambergris Your letter or letters were addressed to c/o -- (here follows person's name).
22   Amidships You should receive my letters shortly.
23   Amplitude You should receive my letters by next mail.
24   Anchor My last letter to you will arrive on or about the -- (here follows number indicating date).
25   Anchorage Ascertain at post-office when the next mail arrives. You may expect a letter (or letters).
26   Anchorless Mails have been delayed.
27   Aneroid I shall await mails before proceeding.
28   Angle There are no mails leaving for some days.
29   Apeak Ther are no mails arriving for some days.
30   Aplustre Mail leaves here to-day.
31   Apoop I Just missed the mail on my arrival. Shall post by the next one.
32   Apprentice Mail left shortly after my arrival, but post was closed.
33   Aquamarine Mail has just arrived, but cannot wait for letters; they will follow ship.
34   Aquatic There are no other mails arriving before I leave.
35   Arctic I have instructed agents to return letters home.
36   Arcturus Forward all letters to me here, or to -- (here follows name of port).
37   Argonaut Keep all letters until I return.
38   Argosy Have my letters been forwarded?
39   Ark Keep all letters until further instructions.
40   Armada Please tell -- (here follows name of person) not to forward letters.
41   Arsenal Your letters were posted by the -- (here follows name of ship or line).
42   Ashore There is yet time to receive letters from you at next port if you write at once -- (name of port if necessary).
43   Astay Address letters to me at -- c/o Agents.*
44   Astern Address letters to me at -- c/o British Consul.*
45   Astrand Address letters to me at -- c/o (name of person).*
46   Astrolabe Kindly ask if there are letters for met at --.
47   Astrology I should be much obliged if you will see that my letters are properly forwarded.
48   Astronomy Bring all letters with you.
49   Aswim Can I bring letters with me? (or forward them?).
50   Atrip There are a number of letters here for you.
51   Aurora Refer to my last letter (date follows here if necessary).
52   Avast I have written to -- (here follows name of person), and instructed him (or her) about the matter.
53   Awash Your letters left here to-day.
54   Awave Your letters leave by next mail.
55   Aweigh Mails arrive here to-day.
56   Awning Your letters are on their way to you.
57   Azimuth Write at once and tell me what I am to do.
    * Code names can be prearranged; this will save expense.

58   Back Do not post after the -- (here follows number indicating date), as we shall have left here.
59   Backing You can write here again one more mail.
60   Badge You can write here again two more mails.
61   Baft You can write here again three more mails.
62   Ballast Post here each mail until you hear from me again.
63   Bank I have only just received your letter (or letters).
64   Barbette Do not write, as we are now leaving for -- (name of port).
65   Barge Write me a longer letter.
66   Barnacle Am surprised at receiving such a short letter. Write longer ones.
67   Barometer Am very glad to hear at last from you.
68   Barque Letters follow (or letter follow).
69   Batten Yes, you may write as often as you like.
70   Bay Can I write to you at this port (or --, name of port follows here).
71   Beach Annoyed at not hearing from you.
72   Beacon Do nothing until you receive my letter.
73   Beam Should be pleased if you will write frequently.
74   Belay Fancy only receiving one letter from you after all this time.
75   Bell Explain more fully. I cannot understand.
76   Bend I am delighted to hear it.
77   Berth It is quite impossible.
78   Bethel Have not had a moment to spare, or should have written.
79   Bight We are detained here, so write as often as possible.
80   Bilge Hearing from you again is indeed a pleasure.
81   Billow My fondest love to you.
82   Billyboy My fondest love to you and children (or child).
83   Binnacle Please yourself about the matter.
84   Binocular No. I should not advise you to do so.
85   Biscuit Yes. I quite agree with you.
86   Bitts I feel quite sure that whatever you do it will be for the best.
87   Blizzard Where am I to write to?
88   Block Send me your new address.
89   Blubber Do not be anxious if you do not hear from me for some time. Of course I will first possible opportunity.
90   Board I will keep on writing until you advise further.
91   Boarding You must have made a mistake in the address.
92   Boat You are quite mistaken, it is not so. Letter explains all.
93   Boating No; cannot find letters. Have inquired everywhere.
94   Boatman Write to owners.
95   Boatswain Owners promised to inform you of any change in address/
96   Bobstay You will hear from owners as soon as they know definitely.
97   Boiler Do not post if you think it will not reach me in time.
98   Bollard Inquire at post-office. They will tell you all about mails.
99   Bolster No letters from you on our arrival here.
100   Bomb Mails from here are very slow and irregular.
101   Boom Please forward the following message to wife by telegraph in Nautical Code (here follows address if necessary).
102   Bottom Please forward my communication by telegraph, and pay for its transmission.
103   Bottomry Please forward the following message to -- (here follows name of person and address) in Nautical Code,
104   Bow Kindly send by post the following massage from Nautical Code -- (here follows address).
105   Bower Please send answer in Nautical Code to Signal Station at -- addressed to ship.
106   Bowline The Nautical Telegraph Code.
107   Bowsprit I have just received your telegram.
108   Boxhaul Reply by telegraph in Nautical Code if possible.
109   Braces I shall be much obliged if you will forward following Code message to wife on your arrival in port.
110   Brackish Shall be much obliged if you will forward following message to -- (here follows name and address), on your arrival in port.
111   Brail Kindly answer my telegram at once.
112   Breaker Reply by cable; no time to write.
113   Breech Shall cable name of next port as soon as I know.
114   Breeze Will cable when leaving here.
115   Bridge Cable full instructions.
116   Brig Cannot leave until I receive your telegram.
117   Brigantine Received your telegram here on arrival.
118   Brine Received your telegram on arrival at -- (here follows name of port).
119   Briny I shall expect to receive your telegram at -- (here follows name of port).
120   Broach Wire me c/o Agents here.
121   Broadside Wire me c/o Consul here.
122   Bucket Wire me c/o Agent at -- (name of port).
123   Bulk Wire me c/o -- (here follows name of person) here.
124   Bulky Wire me c/o Consul at -- (name of port).
125   Bulwark Wire me c/o -- (here follows name of person) at --.
126   Bumbo You will be allowed to wire in Nautical Code at the next port.
127   Bumpkin You cannot wire in Nautical Code to -- (here follows name of port); wire to -- (here follows name of port).
128   Bunk A cablegram in Secret Code will only be allowed at --.
129   Bunker Cable to agents here where I can get letters.
130   Bunt Cable me name of agents at your port.
131   Bunting Cable me name of agents at next port.
132   Buntline Cable me name of agents at -- (here follows name of port).
133   Buoy Cable me where you wish your letters addressed.
134   Buoyage Cable me your new address.
135   Buoyancy Cable me if all are well.
136   Burden Cable me here in Nautical Code.
137   Burgee Cable me immediately; why so silent?
138   Burgoo Cable me if important; if not, write.

139   Cabin Cable me here.
140   Caboose Cable me there.
141   Cachalot Cable me to -- (here follows name of port).
142   Caique Cable me if you are no better.
143   Caisson Cable me immediately, and let me know the worst.
144   Calm Cable me. I am uncertain as to what I should do.
145   Canal Cable me results, but do what you think best.
146   Canoe Cable me if I am to take new house.
147   Canopus Cable me if you think house suitable.
148   Cant Cable me date of your last letter.
149   canvass Cable me, but hurry up. I am waiting on shore.
150   Cape Cable me, but hurry up. I am waiting to leave
151   Capricorn Cable me, I cannot find -- (here follows name of article) anywhere.
152   Capsize Cable me at once.
153   Capstan Cable me at once; cannot understand why you have not replied to my wire before this.
154   Captain Cable me to next port; no answer to my telegram here.
155   Careen I will on arrival at next port.
156   Careenage I will wire on arrival at -- (here follows name of port).
157   Cargo Cable as soon as you have let house.
158   Carrack House has been let.
159   Casemate Satisfactory in getting matters settled.
160   Cast I am moving to new house.
161   Castaway Wire if I am to take new house.
162   Cat I have succeeded in finding better house; rent -- (here follows amount, expressed in pounds if necessary).
163   Catamaran Rent too high.
164   Cataract I think it would suit us.
165   Cathead I shall move to another house next quarter.
166   Catalan I shall move to another house shortly.
167   Catalpa A house has been offered me in -- (here follows name of street or place, also rent if necessary). What am I to do?
168   Catasta I shall be at new house when you return.
169   Caulk Better to wait until my return before deciding.
170   Caulker House quite unsuitable; I shall move.
171   Chain I will do the best I possibly can.
172   Chalk You may expect another wire tomorrow.
173   Channel
174   Chaplain I cannot find -- (here follows name of article) anywhere.
175   Chart Never mind; don't worry. I have found it.
176   Charter I am living at (or with) -- (here follows name of person or place) until your return.
177   Chock I did not expect to hear such good news.
178   Chute I expect to have left before reply arrives.
179   Cleat I have requested owners to telegraph.
180   Clew I have expected to hear about -- before this.
181   Cliff Much relieved after receiving your telegram.
182   Clio I have requested agent to telegrapf.
183   Coable Do not act on the letter recently posted to you.
184   Coamings Have you seen -- yet?
185   Coast Quite unexpected!
186   Coaster Register your letter.
187   Coasting Your letter (or letters) have been sent by registered post.
188   Coastwise I posted a letter to you to-day but forgot to enclose --.
189   Cockpit Please return the letter sent recently, unopened.
190   Cog I cannot describe in a telegram; will wait until I see you.
191   Coil I cannot describe in a letter; will wait until I see you.
192   Collide I cannot describe in a telegram, will write.
193   Collier Will immediately attend to your wire just received.
194   Collision Will immedaiatelu attend to your letter just received.
195   Command Do not understand the first portion of your letter.
196   Commerce Do not understand the latter portion of your letter
197   Commission Post by passenger train at once c/o guard.
198   Commodore Have been daily expecting a letter from my husband; telegrapf how he is.
199   Companion Have been daily expecting a letter from my wife; telegrapf how she is.
200   Compass I did not mean what I said in my last letter.
201   Conning* Where can I write so that you receive my letter in time.
202   Conch You know the address. Same as lst time.
203   Cone Letter follows. Strictly confidential.
204   Conger Wire, c/o -- Hotel.
205   Consort Wire, c/o -- Post Restante.
206   Contline Address letters, c/o -- Hotel.
207   Contraband Address telegrams -- here.
208   Convoy Address telegrams --.
209   Coracle Get a telegraphic address.
210   Coral Wire telegraphic address in reply.
211   Cormorant Telegraphic address is --.
212   Corocore Consult a solicitor and write me at once.
213   Corvette Cannot act on your letter or wire.
214   Cot Refer to my letter of the --.
215   Counter Repeat all letters from the --.
216   Coxswain Code messages not allowed.
217   Craft Write and send photo.
218   Cringle Letter received but no parcel.
219   Cruiser Your letters are possibly intercepted.
220   Ctenophora I shall be extrmely obliged if you will reply to my letter.
221   Cuddy Have you proof that letters were sent?
222   Cutter Sorry I cannot explain fully by tlegram; will wite all details.
223   Cyclone I am delighted to receive your letter or letters. Glad to hear you are well. You will have a long letter from me first mail. Am pleased to say everything slendid here. Looking anxiously forward to meeting you again. Much love.
224   Cyclops Should any letters arrive in my absence, please forward them.
225   Cygnet Please keep all letters until my return.
226   Cymar Will you please write to -- about --.
227   Cyst There is a vacancy in --. You should apply for it at once.
228   Cystic See solicitors ans ask them to write at once.
    * These code words are given, but without sentences, in previous editions. Their utility here should be appreciated. - Author.
    NOTE In this International Code Signal Book the flags |SEK and |IZC stand for Nautical Code. This signal can be made in two hoists, and if this book is on board both vessels, private and rapid signalling can be effected.

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