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Just us...

I'm Eveline Houweling and married with Gert for more than 36 years, doesn't time fly? We are living in a little town just a stone's throw away from Rotterdam.

Just now there are also one little cheeky cat living in our house: Pluis. Kiko, the eldest tomcat and sister Fluffy has deceased. He dictates the rules and he has managed to keep us as his staff.

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Fluffy Click on: OUR CATS


   a little character sketch of the staff:  
Eef  Gert
shorthairwhat's left
catsfavorite petsfirst thing in common
keep them growingplantshaving a look at and lugging the soil
trousersfavorite clotheshmm....
computersfavorite hobbyyes!
yes!avorite hobbiesreading books
novelsfavorite booksfantasy
gear: hare 3after the alarm clock soundsgear: turtle minus 10
puzzleslovessolved puzzles
getting ordersattitudegiving orders..not at home

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