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Willem Schaap, born in 1832 in Kedichem, married Jannetje Bouman in 1862 in the Haarlemmermeer, who's born 1837 in Leersum. Willem was the second son of Jan Schaap and Willempje van der Linden and his occupation was worker.
After the death of Willem Schaap (February 9 1875), Jannetje Bouman married widower Jan Verhulst on November 31 1881. With several children they emigrated to Wisconsin (US).
  • The eldest son of Willem and Jannetje, Cornelis Arie Schaap, was born November 27 1862 in the Haarlemmermeer. His occupation was worker and later stoker at the pumping engine The Cruquius. On May 26 1886 he married Elisabeth Christina Hendrika Korstman, who's born August 8 1864 Haarlemmermeer.

  • Cornelis Arie Schaap
    Krijntje Schaap Elisabeth Christina Hendrika Korstman

    They did have 9 children: Willem, Hendrika Maartje, Christiaan, Jannetje Hendrika, Christiaan, Dirk Jan, Cornelis Arie, Maria Alida and Krijntje.

    Four of them were married with four children of Peter van Maaren and Elisabeth Poldervaart. If you want more information about this family Van Maaren click on VAN MAAREN.

    This family picture is probably taken somewhere about 1917.
    A family picture of Cornelis Arie Schaap and Elisabeth Christina Hendrika Korstman and their children.
    First row: in the middle Elisabeth Christina Hendrika Korstman and Cornelis Arie Schaap.
    Standing most right is my husbands grandmother Krijntje Schaap.

  • The eldest daughter of Willem and Jannetje, Aartje Maria Schaap, was born October 1 1865 in the Haarlemmermeer. On December 17 1883 she emigrated together with her mother Jannetje Bouman, her stepfather Jan Verhulst and 8 of her unmarried (step)brothers and (step)sisters to Wisconsin (U.S.A.). She called herself Mary.
  • Cornelis Flipse and Mary Schaap She met Leonard Flipse, who was born October 4 1862 in Cedar Grove (Wisconsin), and February 18 1891 they married in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
    At the age of 19 Leonard Flipse moved to Baldwin. A few years later he bought a 40 acre farm north of Baldwin. They resided on the farm until five years ago. When the farm was sold and they then moved to the village of Baldwin.
    Mr. Flipse was a charter member of the First Reformed Church. He also served as a Deacon there for several years.
    They became 2 girls and 1 son: Jennie Marie, Josephine Cornelia and John William.
    Mary died October 20 1957 in Baldwin, Wisconsin (USA)

  • The second daughter of Willem and Jannetje, Alida Katherina Schaap, was born on October 20 1871 in the Haarlemmermeer. She also emigrated to Wisconsin on December 1883 with the family. Her stepbrother Cornelis Verhulst should emigrated on the same day, but one week for the emigration he decided not to go.

  • Alida Katherina Schaap and Cornelis Verhulst

    Alida Katherina Schaap and Cornelis Verhulst

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