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The family Van Maaren:

Most of the data I have, goes back to 1824 and is mainly gathered from mourning cards that came from my husbands late grandmother.

Jan van Maaren, born 1824 in Lunteren, married Aaltje van de Munt September 22 1855 in Ede. Jan's occupation is worker. After the birth of their first son Peter in 1855 they moved to the Haarlemmermeer, at that time a polder that just had been ready. In 1857 their daughter Neeltje is born.

The Haarlemmermeer map from 1936

Peter van Maaren Elisabeth Poldervaart On 21 May 1884 great-grandfather Peter van Maaren married Elisabeth Poldervaart and they got eight children: Jan, Lambertus, Johannes, Adriana, Peter Gijsbertus, Agatha en Gerrit.
Peter's occupation was farm worker.
Elisabeth suffers from the Grave's disease.

great-grandfather Peter van Maaren Peter van Maaren, born 1855
in Lunteren.
granddad Gerrit
His son, Gerrit van Maaren, born 1898
in the Haarlemmermeer.

Their youngest son Gerrit married in 1923 Krijntje Schaap. In 1925 their son Peter was born. A curious thing was that until 1930 Gerrit refused any regular employment. In summer he and 2 of his nephews went to Friesland or Zeeland and hired themselves out for the harvest and earned a good living. The rest of the year they did the same to the farmers in the Haarlemmermeer.
In 1931 he finally took a 'regular' job as truck and cab driver by H.J. Feije, Ravelingsteeg 13, Haarlem, but he also drove wedding or funeral carriages.
When his mother-in-law Elisabeth Christina Hendrika Korstman died in 1932, Gerrit and Krijntje Schaap moved over to live with her father Cornelis Arie Schaap at the Cruquiusdijk 76.

Steam pumping engine 'De Cruquius' 1849 - 1933 situated on the Cruquiusdijk.
Steam pumping engine 'De Cruquius' 1849 - 1933 situated on the Cruquiusdijk.
My husband was born just behind this engine.

The Haarlemmermeer map from 1936
The Haarlemmermeer, my husbands 'native ground', or how he puts it:
"just pulled out of the clay with 13 horses".

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