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This part of the family did live and work for almost three centuries in Bergen op Zoom. From Marijnus Cornelisse van Dort (baptised July 21 1641) till my grandmother Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort water did play a big role. They were captains of barges, fishermen or fishmongers.

Wilhelmus Adrianus van Dort and Geertruida Anna Schot

Great-great-grandfather Wilhelmus Adrianus van Dort is born as the first son of Wilhelmus van Dort and Pieternella Salij op August 3 1847 in Bergen op Zoom. At the age of 23 he married Geertruida Anna Schot, age 20. They got five daughters and seven sons, but six chilren died at an early age.
He's a fisherman till a slump in the anchovy fishing, he goes bankrupt. He starts with his sons Dirk Cornelis, Jacob Gerrit and Cornelis Pieter the fish shop 'De Noordzee' in the Segeerstraat in Middelburg. After a collision with his ship 'Scheldestroom' son Willem Pieter van Dort starts with his wife Maria Martha Larooij a fish shop in Goes.
Fish shop "De Noordzee", Firma Gebr. van Dort in the Segeerstraat in Middelburg. In the entrance you see Cornelis Pieter van Dort. Fish shop 'De Noordzee'

Children and grandchildren of  W.A. van Dort and G.A. Schot
Children and grandchildren of Wilhelmus Adrianus van Dort & Geertruida Anna Schot.
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Huibrecht van Dort Great-grandfather Huibrecht van Dort is born April 14 1874. On a ferry in 1895 he met Hiltje Smith, who was engaged with a vicar. But it was love at first and on July 27 1898 Huibrecht and Hiltje get married in Rotterdam and sailed over lots of water. Anyway, they live in Bergen op Zoom.
They got four children: three daughters and one son.
Hiltje Smith
Huibrechts occupation is fisherman, fishmonger and captain of a barge. As a fisherman he was a daredevil, he left the port at first an employee of the 'Markiezenhof' told us. He died on March 21 1937 in Rotterdam. Huibrecht van Dort and Hiltje Smith with their four children Hiltje is born December 31 1871 in Hommerts (Friesland). Her father, Franciscus Hendrikus Johannes Smith, has been teacher there. She died on January 4 1920 on board of the "Thijsen 16", Vulcaanhaven 3, in Vlaardingen.
f.l.t.r.: Francisca Hendrica Johanna - father Huibrecht - Elisabeth Margaretha Wilhelmina - Geertruida Anna Elisabeth - mother Hiltje - Wilhelmus Adrianus Cornelis

Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort My grandmorher Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort, alias Truus, is born November 15 1899 in Bergen op Zoom.
After the death of her mother in 1920, as the eldest she provides for the other children on board. Then Evert Cranendonk appears as a barge-hand on board of the 'Thijssen 16'. Because of the fried potatoes he can make Truus felt in love. The wedding was sustained for a week, because they were still situated in Germany. But on May 31 1922 Truus married Evert, who's too a descendant from a barge family,
  Evert Cranendonk in Rotterdam. Times are hard in the inland shipping, besides that Evert and Truus are pushed to sail on sunday by N.V. Handels- en Transportmaatschappij 'Vulcaan'. The result is that they sell the barge somewhere around 1932.

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Elisabeth Margaretha Wilhelmina  van Dort Their second daughter is Elisabeth Margaretha Wilhelmina, alias Lies. She is born on December 10 1901 in Bergen op Zoom. On September 27 1922 she married Arend van der Put, who's a captain.
She died on July 26 1980 in Brunssum.
  Willem Adrianus Cornelis van Dort Willem Adrianus Cornelis is born on July 21 1905 in Bergen op Zoom. At first he is on board with father Huibrecht, sister Truus and Evert. Later he became skipper and sailed with his wife Franziska Ringwelski till 1964. He died on May 6 1979 in Oss.
    Francisca Hendrica Johanna van Dort Francisca Hendrica Johanna, alias Zus, is born on October 31 1907 in Bergen op Zoom. On August 20 1930 she married Peter Hendrikus van der Meulen, who's skipper at the 'Vulcaan'. She died on December 19 1958 in Rotterdam.

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