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Johannes Cornelis Cranendonk, from Zevenbergen, married Dirkje Nijpjes, from Willemstad, in 1859 in Klundert. You can find these cities in the province Noord-Brabant.

Map with Zevenbergen, Willemstad and Klundert. In those days Zevenbergen was a city with 7,000 inhabitants and 2.5 hour walking from Breda. Willemstad was a fortress with 2,000 inhabitants and Klundert was a city with 3,500 inhabitants and 1.5 hour walking from Zevenbergen
The family story tells us that great-grandfather Johannes Cornelis was a 'parlevinker', which meant he was a retailer who sold his products on the water. Johannes Cornelis Cranendonk

One of their sons, my great-grandfather Johannes Cornelis Cranendonk, was born in 1865 in Zevenbergen and married Jannetje Maria van Walsum in 1893 in Rotterdam. They got ten children. He has done all kinds of work, like being a captain of a barge. Jannetje van Walsum
Handwriting of J.C. Cranendonk. The last years of his life he was blind and mom Jannetje couldn't make it on her own. It was one of the reasons that their son Evert Cranendonk (one of their sons) and his wife Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort took over the grocery.

The shop on the left was the grocery [Kruidenierswaren - Koffie & Thee] in the twenties, which was in Rotterdam-North at the Pijnackerplein 17b.
After the death of Evert's parents Evert and Truus didn't survived the competition with other groceries in the neighbourhood, so in 1934 they moved to the Ackersdijkstraat.

Evert Cranendonk   Evert Cranendonk [Eef], born June 11 1895 Rotterdam.
Occupation: all kind of jobs, but the most important were: barge-hand, captain of a barge, grocer and milkman of Aurora.
He died January 23 1979 Rotterdam.
  Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort   Geertruida Anna Elisabeth van Dort [Truus] was born November 15 1899 Bergen op Zoom. She was the first child of Huibrecht van Dort en Hiltje Smith.
She died March 9 1989 Rotterdam.
      Eef and Truus were married May 31 1922 Rotterdam.
The first years they sailed often on the Rhine to Germany with ore, coal and grain with the Rhine barges "Dempo" and "Thijssen 16".
They got 6 children.

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