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My greatgrandfather, Pieter Jacobus van der Burg, married Barendina van den Broek in 1892 in Rotterdam. They have had six children. The picture just below is taken in 1915 or 1916.

Pieter Jacobus van der Burg and Barendina van den Broek   Back row:
Leendert, born 29-04-1898.
Rosalia, born 16-03-1893.
Pieter Jacobus, born 25-05-1901.
Geertruida Paulina, born 06-09-1894.

First row:
Pieter Jacobus, born 09-06-1869.
Paulus), born 12-10-1896.
Barendina, born 10-03-1872.
Cornelis, born 20-09-1904.
Pieter Jacobus was a son of Paulus van der Burg & Rosalia Lippens and Barendina a daughter of Leendert van den Broek & Geertje Baardman.

Between 1893 and 1924 Pieter Jacobus was a pharmacist's assistant of Oudshoorn & van der Veld. Besides he was one of a group people who worked hard for the foundation of the first Christian Reformed Orphanage in 1912. In 1924 Pieter Jacobus and Barendina became the first parents of the Orphanage in the village Soestdijk and later in the city Utrecht. In 1935 they asked for a discharge and till their death they moved in by their daughter Rosalia and son-in-law Jacobus Houweling.

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