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Smous as kitten in 1982. Hoi, I'm Smous and I was the first tomcat which came in the house of Van Maaren. The female boss did fall completely in love with me, when I was laying in her arms like a baby. My Cyprian colours are so beautiful, that everybody likes me a lot.

My birthday was on Mother's Day 1982 and when I was 6 weeks old, I got my first car-trip in a shopping bag. Of course I have protested very loud and clear, what do you think of it. I didn't like it, I wanted more room, light and oxygen. It did help, the zipper of the bag opened a little more. 'Hey, that's great, when my head got through, the rest could follow'. At that moment my first discovery began.

Smous in 1988 Hey, what's going on?
Another half an hour is gone.
"Please, can you stop that noise?"
Smous in 1988

I was exploring everything, what else did you have to do like sleeping and eating? One day, early in the morning, I did climb a big tree. In human language it's a Yucca, but that didn't bother me. The male boss, with tiny sleapy eyes, saw me hanging in tree.

My tail was a big mystery for me. I've never known what kind of purpose that thing did had. When I did have my 'crazy five minutes' I always tried to get that hairy piece of me. Sometimes it worked, hit my paw with it, but then it slipped easily through my nails. It was an endless job to do.
Every New Years' Eve I was laying like a baby in their arms and we were looking at the fireworks. On June 8 1999 I passed away.
Smous a week before his death.

Nicky Hello, I'm Nicky and I was the first sheltercat that walked in on September 1982. I was 2 years, easily frightened but adorable.
I met a very headstrong tomcat, that didn't need a mother and he began to play the boss.
  Nicky Luckily was Smous a big sleaper, so there was plenty Stime for me to cuddle with the female boss on an old sweater. After a lot of pressing, I too gave the male boss my affection.
I died in August 1993.

It's a pity that in those days we didn't have a camera to take more pictures of Smous and Nicky. But there are much more pictures of Tibby and Kiko.

Tibby as kitten. Hi I'm Tibby, an adorable female tortoiseshell, and I was born in March 1988. Of course I've a mind of my own.
With my good nature I just walked through the electric field between Smous and Nicky and was good friend with everyone.
Tibby as kitten.
Tibby 4 months.
Our staff does buy sometimes special 'cat plants' for us.
Laying on the top of it, the leaves.....

Tibby drinking milk #1 Tibby drinking milk #2 Tibby drinking milk #3
Hey, what's in there? Is it milk? It's yummy!!!

Tibby - sleeping
Now I'm a little tired, so while closing my eyes, my brains are learning Dutch words.

When Nicky got sick, her life was not too easy because of Smous tomcats behaviour. After a talk with our vet she said: "Upstairs I have a 'special' cat who is pregnant. If there are kittens, come and have a look. This is a very special breed and probably is this a solution for your problems."

Hoi-piepelepoi, I'm Kiko, een Ocicat, and born on August 6 1992. You have to say Sir, because I'm of 'noble' birth and do have a real pedigree. My official name is Mistake's Anjou Trois Pières, but I couldn't speak it out, so Sir Kikelekootje is just fine.

It was a full house, when I walked in, but very cosy with the four of us. I'm very easy to go along with, only they have to watch two points: 1] I'm always feeling cold 2] I'm having a mind of my very own. There's always someone who does have a bit of pity with me and allows me to snuggle up.
  Kiko in the working room

Tibby in the working room.   I don't like it if they pick me up and do put me on their legs, I'll do it by myself! Being in the neighbourhood of one of them is lovely. When there's a box or basket with a piece of paper or a soft piece of carpet I'm very pleased
By the way, can anyone explain to me why they are anxious when I walk along the keyboard?

Tibby on the balcony. We do love to go outside and having a sunbath, but on the 10th floor it's quite risky. So the balcony is splitted in 2 parts and our habitat is like a chicken run for our safety. Kiko on the balcony.
But that's not a big problem, only catching birds is very difficult. As you can see, the smallest part of the old bathroom cloth is for me.

Tibby en Kiko together in a basket
Kiko in a basket in the kitchen Often together... sometimes alone. Tibby in a basket in the kitchen

On July 28 2003 Tibby passed away.

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